Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Introduction to Tom Brimeyer - Diagnosis of hyperthyroidism

Diagnosis of hyperthyroidism - It is clear that the treatment of hyperthyroidism is impossible without an accurate diagnosis of the disease. Thus, the diagnosis in this case includes several events:

•    Study of objective symptoms

•    Laboratory tests (to determine the concentration of hormones in the blood),

•    Thyroid ultrasound,

•    Determining the level of the pituitary hormones, Treatment For Thyroid

•    Thyroid scintigraphy  Terms treatment of hyperthyroidism - Thyroid medication necessarily involves giving the patient a full emotional rest (all stimuli should be as offset). You will also need a special diet for hyperthyroidism, which includes dairy and vegetable products


Also appointed by pharmacological agents that reduce or completely blocking the activity of the thyroid gland. Operative treatment of any isotope is used only in extreme cases. Patients with hyperactivity should be regularly examined by an endocrinologist.

Any violation of state requires urgent medical intervention. Appointed by drugs, glucose, as well as taking measures to prevent dehydration and reduce body temperature most adverse forecasts - at stroke. Myself "appoint" drugs cannot - first of all, requires a certain period of time for them to take effect, and secondly, they can have a very negative impact on the body sometimes, instead of using radioactive iodine tablets, damaging the cells of the thyroid gland; during pregnancy, the method of treatment used.

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