Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hypothyroidism Ebook Review - Thyroid hormones are essential for normal development

Thyroid hormones are essential for normal development and the central nervous system. Not just made up their deficiency can even lead to the development of cretinism (delayed mental and physical development, a variety of neurological disorders).

With the second or third month of life can be seen in some respects, that the thyroid gland is less than the norm. Signs and symptoms of hypoplasia: Symptoms Of Hypothyroidism


•    Lethargy,

•    Constant sleepiness,

•    Decreased appetite, refusal to eat,

•    Jaundice that persists longer than usual,

•    Hoarse voice,

•    Constipation,

•    Lack of normal children's responses to sound and light,

•    Underdevelopment.  All signs in the absence of treatment progress.

Thyroid hormones are responsible for the metabolism. When they are not enough, the exchange is slowed down, that is disturbed assimilation of many of necessary substances especially strongly impaired calcium metabolism, because it is poorly absorbed in the gut.

As a result of the lack of this mineral poor child grows, his bone age does not coincide with the actual age. Also suffer hair and nails. When a child grows up, reduced thyroid continues to be felt. He cannot long to learn to speak, his movements are clumsy. Swelling may occur. Because of the failure of the peripheral circulation skin pale, cold. Heart rate is less than 60 beats per minute (bradycardia). We can say that disrupted the whole organism. Help can only timely treatment. As a rule, it is hormone replacement therapy.

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